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P. Venkateswara Rao

Retired ISRO’s Outstanding Scientist

I knew Ganesh as a neighbor and I am very much impressed with his ambition and commitment to serve community and his vision to impact people’s life positively. His book “Your Life Graduation” is a precise masterpiece, which covers all the essential life elements to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life. More importantly, his book speaks about the right mix and blend of essential life ingredients, serves as a blueprint with simplistic approach and practical strategies to attain life fulfillment and contentment in one’s life. I wish Ganesh all the success in his future endeavors and I believe his book will serve as a powerful tool in transforming people’s lives.

J.P Selvam

Veteran Educationalist

I know Ganesh from his school days as a Principal to him and I feel proud of his amazing life journey from his difficult childhood, school dropout days to his higher studies and successful professional career. He became a channel of blessing for many people with his philanthropic thoughts and actions. Moreover, I strongly believe that his book “Your Life Graduation” will not only becomes a huge success but also creates a meaningful impact on people’s lives towards their life fulfillment.P Venkateswara Rao

P Thirupathi Reddy

Author and Sr. Project Manager IT

First time, I met Ganesh as a member in one of the social communities; we shared views and exchanged thoughts in multiple facets of life. I know him as a good speaker and as as an ambitious professional and entrepreneur, but when he told he is pursuing farming as his passion and he was a farmer too, initially I did not believed that how can he manage or how is it compatible in his current lifestyle schedules. However I got convinced when I witnessed things, since then we became good friends. I have also seen Ganesh as big risk taker and he walks the talk, where he quit his high paid secured job just like this to pursue his entrepreneurship career. I also admire his authoring skills, where he encapsulated all the essential life ingredients in to ten life fulfillment empires, which further condensed in to core pillars in each fulfillment empire in his book “Your Life Graduation” which I believe will transform people’s lives towards attaining their life fulfillment.

G Suresh Kumar

Director at Mutyam Steel Pvt Ltd

I know Ganesh Mandadi from his childhood days, as we grownup in same village and inspite of his life struggles he bounced back with an impressive professional career and moreover he is a good human being with compassionate and philanthropic values. His sessions are encouraging, motivational and most practical to imbibe in one’s life towards leading a fulfilled life. His life story itself is a living encyclopedia to learn how to rise against all the odds in life to succeed and lead a meaningful life.

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